Glytone KP Kit Review

Glytone KP Kit

We are all familiar with the constant struggle of having smooth skin, especially if you suffer from keratosis pilaris. Not only are these bumps incredibly annoying, but a severe case can significantly lower your self-confidence. Fortunately, the number of products being created to treat keratosis pilaris is increasing.

For example, the Glytone Keratosis Pilaris Kit is a product that lives up to its proclamations for many KP sufferers.

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What Is The Glytone KP Kit?

The Glytone KP Kit is comprised of three different partnering products designed to specifically treat keratosis pilaris:

  • 200ml bottle of Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash
  • 250ml bottle of Glytone Body Lotion
  • Shower pouf

  • Fast & dramatic improvement
  • No odor
  • Cons: 
  • KP may worsen for some people
  • Somewhat expensive

  • The entire premise of the Glytone Kit revolves entirely around a simple two-step procedure designed to reconstruct the texture of your skin. Of course, in order to restructure something, its initial walls need to be broken down.

    The purpose of the Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash is to remove the rough, unsightly bumps produced by keratosis pilaris.  A strong concentration of undiluted glycolic acid produces this desired effect. The Glytone Lotion then acts as a hydrating catalyst to soften the skin and nurse it back to health once the bumps have been removed.

    Key Features And Benefits

    • Three-part system
    • Medical and health-grade cosmeceutical
    • Removes ugly keratosis pilaris bumps
    • Revitalizes healthy, smooth skin

    >> Read more reviews for the Glytone KP Kit on Amazon <<

    Positive Responses Reported From Glytone KP Kit Customers

    One of the most remarkable aspects about the Glytone KP Kit reported by customers is the absence of the pungent stench so common in many dermatologist-recommended products using strong chemicals.

    Unlike some keratosis pilaris treatment products, many customers report skin improvements within a matter of days after use, instead of the usual weeks or even months.

    The shower pouf is a cut above most so it will not need to be replaced anytime soon.

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    Negative Responses Reported From Glytone KP Kit Customers

    Some keratosis pilaris sufferers experience a worsening of their condition, causing an increase in itchy rashes and/or burns. This is to be expected since no two people react the same to skin care products. To err on the side of caution, you may want to apply a small amount on your skin initially to see how you react.

    Glytone’s product line is rather expensive. However, purchasing the Glytone Keratosis Pilaris Kit instead of buying each component separately will save you money in the long run.


    We are the first to admit that natural remedies do not work for all keratosis pilaris sufferers. If you believe this accurately describes you, the Glytone KP Kit may be a viable alternative.

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