Banish My Bumps Review – How Does It Stack Up?

Banish My Bumps Review

Strawberry legs, gooseflesh, or even chicken skin; these terms are used to describe a condition known as Keratosis Pilaris. If you suffer from these embarrassing bumps that don’t seem to go away, Banish My Bumps provides a number of natural solutions that can diminish their appearance to expose your smooth, clear skin.

What is Keratin Pilaris?

While relatively common and physically harmless, Keratosis Pilaris, or KP, is a chronic skin condition caused by a buildup of keratin in the skin (source).

Keratin is a structural protein that’s essential to protecting your skin from harm. When there’s an overproduction of keratin in the skin, it starts to build up and block the hair follicles. This results in small, acne-like bumps around the arms, legs, buttocks, face or any combination thereof that may seem impossible to get rid of.

These bumps may be reddish in color and can also cause itchiness. It can also be associated with other skin conditions such as eczema. KP affects people of all ages and is believed to be inherited.

Keratosis Pilaris affects about 40% of adults, and there’s an even higher occurrence of KP in teens/adolescents. Coming of age while experiencing KP can severely hinder a teen’s confidence, and may even cause anxiety and depression. Negative remarks from others can lead to a poor self-image and fear of socializing.

Experiencing KP as an adult is no easier, especially if it occurs for the first time. Fear of intimacy and of showing skin in public are among the most prominent issues of adults with Keratosis Pilaris. Thus, no matter what age you are, KP can have adverse effects on your mental wellbeing.

Now, there are many medicated creams that dermatologists may prescribe to treat KP, but none of them are considered to be a cure. Topical exfoliants, topical retinoids and laser treatment are among the dermatologist-recommended treatments for KP.

Some doctors say that KP will improve on its own over time, but that’s often not the case for many sufferers. Fortunately, the Banish My Bumps system offers an effective, step-by-step way for people with KP to follow without having to resort to prescribed medications.

What is the Banish My Bumps System?

The Banish My Bumps system is an ebook that offers a completely natural way to eliminate Keratosis Pilaris.

It uses natural, inexpensive ingredients that can easily be found at local grocery and drugstores. The instructions are easy to understand and follow and when used correctly, KP can be eliminated or banished, without using medication.

The ebook thoroughly breaks down the causes and remedies of KP and discusses important issues related to the condition. You’ll also find the following information:

  • Kids’ section on how to treat your child’s Keratosis Pilaris
  • Treating and preventing Keratosis Pilaris by identifying the root causes
  • Natural and inexpensive ingredients that will clear your Keratosis Pilaris
  • Guide to avoiding dangerous supplements and chemically-made skin creams
  • Step-by-step routine for clearing your Keratosis Pilaris
  • Guide to protecting your skin from aging prematurely
  • Facts about Keratosis Pilaris that dermatologists won’t divulge
  • Other skin conditions that are often mistaken for Keratosis Pilaris
  • Information on the body’s self-healing abilities and how they can apply to healthier skin

Banish My Bumps provides all the information needed to combat Keratosis Pilaris using resources proven to be effective. It also arms you with the tools to help others treat their KP and maintain lifelong results.




What is the Story Behind Banish My Bumps?

Banish My Bumps author Angela Steinberg struggled with Keratosis Pilaris herself. She had to bear the insecurity and feelings of embarrassment that comes with having KP. She also understood that her chronic skin condition affected her self-image and the way she interacted with others.

Angela frequented dermatologists over the years, always being dismissed from their offices with new prescriptions in tow. Not only were most of these prescribed creams ineffective, but over time they became a useless expense.

When Angela returned to the dermatologist with her concerns, she was told that KP was a harmless condition and that nothing else could be done to treat it. The former may be true in one sense — KP is physically harmless — but emotionally and developmentally, Keratosis Pilaris can be crippling.

Angela knows all too well the feelings of anxiety and insecurity resulting from these unsightly bumps. People unfamiliar with the condition may think KP is a rash, or contagious, not to mention downright unattractive.

After 15 years of wearing long sleeves to cover the bumps on her arms and feeling helpless, Angela decided to do extensive research which resulted in her own home remedy; a system that eliminated her KP in only five days. She’s now free from the anguish caused by Keratosis Pilaris and is proud to share her findings with other KP sufferers through her ebook, Banish My Bumps.

How Does Banish My Bumps Work?

Banish My Bumps works by guiding KP sufferers to effectively eliminate their symptoms. It’s a system that incorporates natural ingredients into a proven skincare regimen that targets the keratin buildup around the hair follicles.

As previously mentioned, keratin protein in the skin of KP sufferers overproduces to cause red, sometimes itchy dryness. Banish My Bumps helps to break down the keratin, effectively stopping the irritation around the follicles.

Finding the main cause of your keratin protein buildup is the key to the Banish My Bumps system. Once discovered (which the guide helps you to do), Banish My Bumps offers an inexpensive solution that allows you to maintain healthy KP-free skin.


* Proven effective for people of all ages
* Inexpensive ingredients provide a cure for no more than $15
* All natural remedies
* Works without using expensive creams made of chemicals
* Instant access through downloading
* Money back guarantee
* Depending on your skin, results may take longer or may not be achieved
* The ebook is in pdf format and must be viewed digitally




What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

After implementing the Banish My Bumps system into your skincare regimen, you can expect to have smooth, bump-free skin. Many testimonials have verified the system’s effectiveness, often within days. Others have achieved results within weeks.

People experience Keratosis Pilaris for various reasons and have various skin types and so results may vary. Thus, while the system is effective for many, it may not work for everyone. It’s also important to keep in mind that there are other conditions that mimic Keratosis Pilaris, which may call for a different treatment.

Assuming your skin problem is KP and not something else, the author is confident her research and testing will yield positive results and if it not, the two-month money back guarantee is available to you.

How Much Does it Cost?

Access to the Banish My Bumps comprehensive digital text is $37. The natural ingredients required to begin the system should total no more than $15. Ultimately, this product will save the money you might spend on dermatologist visits and purchasing creams and lotions that may not even work.

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Banish My Bumps Rating Breakdown

Effectiveness: 4/5

The Banish My Bumps regimen is completely effective in achieving smooth, hydrated skin, alleviating the itchy red bumps symptomatic of Keratosis Pilaris. Having smooth skin will improve self-esteem and quality of life by allowing you the freedom to show your skin without fear of judgment.

Quality: 5/5

Author Angela Steinberg has both experience and extensive knowledge about Keratosis Pilaris, from its root causes to the necessary steps to eliminate it. She has applied her personal experiences and factual research to this book. Banish My Bumps provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve and maintain bump-free results. The book offers a plethora of information for anyone interested in managing KP.

Ease of Use: 5/5

Banish My Bumps is written in a format that’s easy to understand with clear instructions on how to follow the skin regimen. The ingredients used can be easily found in stores in nearly any location around the world. Purchasing the digital book is as easy as one click, and navigating through the pages in pdf format is an ideal method of browsing through information.

Price: 4/5

At $37, the cost of this book is reasonable, compared to similar resources. It’s a comprehensive guide with a great deal of information that’s been compiled by the author through extensive research. Ultimately, this product will save you money which might otherwise be thrown away on dermatologists, lotions, and/or creams.


Banish My Bumps provides the ultimate package to alleviate Keratosis Pilaris using homemade remedies. It’s an easy to follow system that incorporates healthy ingredients and skin care routines that will resolve the redness, itchiness and acne-like appearance of Keratosis Pilaris. Author Steinberg implemented the system after years of struggling with the condition herself and has chosen to share her findings with the world!


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