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Is Keratosis Pilaris Contagious?

Dermatologists regularly field tough questions from their patients but ‘is keratosis pilaris contagious?‘ is not one of them. While seeing reddish bumps on someone’s arms may instil fear, there is no reason to be concerned. Keratosis pilaris is a genetic skin disorder and as such cannot be

What Does Keratosis Pilaris Look Like?

Do you suspect that you or someone you know might have chicken skin and find yourself asking, “what does keratosis pilaris look like?” Many people with keratosis pilaris are unaware that their skin condition has in fact a name but as soon as they see a keratosis

Celebrities With Keratosis Pilaris

Even though keratosis pilaris is a common skin condition, you would be hard-pressed to find many photos of celebrities with keratosis pilaris. Chicken skin can be inconspicuous in photos, not to mention that celebrities have ways of disguising their skin imperfections to avoid drawing attention to it.

Why Is Keratosis Pilaris Itchy?

Why is keratosis pilaris itchy for some sufferers but not others? Unfortunately, there is no known reason why some people afflicted with KP are more susceptible to irritation. However, researchers have an understanding of what causes the itch. Can Keratosis Pilaris Be Itchy? The itchy red bumps on

KP Care Review

The KP Care Ultimate Keratosis Pilaris Treatment Kit is a two-part system designed especially for the treatment of keratosis pilaris. The unique combination of powerful ingredients that went into making the formulas gives hope to some sufferers with this unsightly skin condition. KP Care Ultimate Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

Perfect Image Salicylic 20 Gel Peel Review

The Perfect Image Salicylic 20 Gel Peel is a chemical peel system designed to treat a range of skin conditions including keratosis pilaris (KP). The salicylic solution works by penetrating the skin and unclogging the pores of excess keratin—the primary cause of KP. In addition to describing

Baiden Mitten Review

If you have struggled with dry, rough, and bumpy skin for some time, it is likely that you have come across and used skin rejuvenation creams. Unfortunately, many of these moisturizing creams do not have the potential to deliver effective results for keratosis pilaris (KP) sufferers. Instead, some

KP Elements Review

While there are many exfoliating creams that treat a variety of skin conditions, there are only a select few specifically manufactured to combat keratosis pilaris (KP) – a common harmless skin disorder that causes red bumps on many areas of the body. The KP Elements Exfoliating Skin

KP Duty DERMAdoctor Review

The DERMAdoctor KP Duty Duo is a two-part treatment system for the skin condition keratosis pilaris (KP) consisting of an exfoliating scrub and moisturizing lotion. This KP Duty DERMAdoctor review takes a close look at both products. KP Duty Scrub The DERMAdoctor KP Duty Scrub works as

Riiviva Microderm Review

The Riiviva Microderm device is a three-part treatment system that gently exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin to help restore a smoother appearance. For an inside look, read the following Riiviva Microderm review. What Is The Riiviva Microderm? The Riiviva Microderm is a medical-grade microdermabrasion device used to